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Love the Wild is a weekly newsletter for people who want to warm their hearts and excite their minds by sharing moments with wildlife and in wild lands. No matter where you live or how often you actually get to the wild, each Love the Wild can rekindle your love for the wild through reading, watching, or listening.

I’m fortunate to live in Gardiner, Montana, at Yellowstone’s north gate. I have written two award-winning books about Yellowstone, In the Temple of Wolves and Deep into Yellowstone. The most frequent comment that readers of these books make is that they feel like they are actually standing beside me as I describe a moment with wildlife or in wild lands. And they enjoy sharing that moment with me.

Living in Gardiner, I can experience the park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s wild lands and wildlife throughout the seasons. And when I do, I’m almost always accompanied by my wife, Mary, and my camera.

I recently examined a decade worth of photographs that I took while on such outings. Some of those photos, I realized, captured special moments that inspired me to dig deeper and learn more so I could better understand and write about the moment I had experienced with the wildlife or wild lands I so dearly love. Sometimes the moment touches my heart and inspires me to write a photo essay about or love letter to some wild critter or wild spot. I’ll share those photos and stories with you.

At other times I’ll share slideshows of my photos put to music. Or podcasts that you can listen to or read. Or excerpts from my books.

The photos and stories presented in Love the Wild capture wildlife and wild lands as seen through the lens of my camera and a filter of researched facts and revealed feelings. Subscribers to Love the Wild tell me that they look forward to our next moment together. 

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I hope Love the Wild warms your heart and excites your mind.

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Award-winning indie author Rick Lamplugh writes, speaks, and photographs to protect wildlife and wild lands.